Aid To West Virginia Disaster/Flood Victims

Brothers and Sisters,


Please read the below and determine if your lodge can assist in any way by sending funds to the National FOP Disaster Relief Fund.  The Grand Lodge will disburse the funds but money is needed in order to do that.  It appears the flooding there has caused total devastation. Please offer thoughts and prayers to our Brothers and Sisters there who are dealing with this disaster as well as trying to locate a place for them and their families to live,


Ron Bartmier


Urgent Request

Assisting law Enforcement members who are flood victims

The following email has been received by the National FOP after we had inquired about providing assistance. The National Disaster Relief fund will send emergency funds to those police officers who are FOP members and as National President I am requesting Lodges and Members to send a donation to the National FOP Foundation to help us assist our brothers and sisters in West Virgina. Please share on all Social Media Sites


Please send donations to:

National FOP Foundation

701 Marriott Drive

Nashville, TN 37214

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